by Mike Votava

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A collection of songs I wrote. I hope you enjoy them.


released August 7, 2016

produced by Mike Votava
recorded at MJV Studios
Seattle, WA


all rights reserved



Mike Votava Seattle, Washington

Mike Votava is an artist. He writes songs, he performs, he rocks out. People seem to like it. You will too.

Mike lives in Seattle at the House of Pain.

Don't be surprised if he calls you a ding dong. That's just how he talks.
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Track Name: Captain Dog
i'm in doggy heaven
jessica i can see you crying
the truck came out of nowhere

i wish i could watch tv with you again
sing along to your favorite theme song
hanging out with Brandon Walsh
eating pie down at the peach pit

Captain Dog
you named me captain dog
and that's an awesome name for a dog

Jessica, don't be sad for me
i'm happy here, there's lots of things to bark at
and i can pea on anything

i miss you, and i know you miss me too
i'll always be watching over you
but we'll probably never meet again
because doggy heaven's no place for humans
Track Name: Speeding Down the Tracks
well the train is coming so you better get out of the way
destination Bellingham USA
i'm speeding down the tracks
and i'm probably never coming back
cause I don't want to ever want to feel that way again

the scenery behind me disappears
ponder to myself in between my ears
im speeding down the tracks
it's the perfect time to take a nap
gonna close my eyes and dream of what's to come

this train is going somewhere
i wonder when i'll get there
will you be waiting for me
we'll take this train apart
just promise me you'll never break my heart

i'm the only passenger on fire
this body has been burning for a while
i'm speeding down the tracks
with a sexy lady on my lap
she tells me that she likes the way I smell

i can't decide which cereal I want
gonna have to choose when this train stops
I'm speeding down the tracks
i'm writing my own almanac
predicting that the rainy days are gone
ahead of me is nothing but the sun
Track Name: Dinosaur Socks
Dinosaur socks don’t fail me now
I am depending on you
I’ve been so lonely
I need you badly

Dinosaur socks what happens now
My feet are witness to the
Magical powers

I know she’s into me Cause
now I’m much more interesting
I will refuse to buy them drinks
That old technique has been extinct
My confidence is thru the roof
But secretly I owe it to my

Dinosaur socks
Track Name: I Am A Taco
I am crunchy
I am delicious
I am a taco

Do you still love me?
Will you marry me?
I am a Taco
Track Name: Two Thumbs Up
take me down to mexico
we'll eat a pile of tacos
and i won't mind if you decide you love me
if a scientists could find a way
to shrink you down with a shrink ray
i'd pick you up and put you in my pocket

I give you two thumbs up
two thumbs up

remember the end of the running man
where arnold sends damon killian
exploding through that bill board for cadre cola
what's that you say
you liked it a lot
we both agree that it hits the spot
but I'm not exactly sure why it exploded

I give you two thumbs up
two thumbs up

I'd give you more
but these two thumbs are all I have
to give to you right now

you're a sexy lady bug
that flys around and lands on stuff
i'll let you land on me anytime you wanna
You helped me score the winning goal
now please report to the endzone
there's a sexy dance party in progress

I give you two thumbs up
two thumbs up
Track Name: Black Eye
I got a black eye
I was probably up to something
I got a black eye and I got it from you

What did I do this time?
I’m guessing probably nothing
I got a black eye and I got it from you

All of the girls must think I’m going crazy
I’m just not sure what I can do about it
I have a cape but it will not protect me
From all the punches that you’re throwing at me

Was it an accident?
I don’t believe in them

Why did you leave behind your favorite item?
I volunteer myself to go and find them
These batteries will power up my flashlight
So I can keep looking when day becomes night

How do I look right now?
The swellings going down
Track Name: Pay Attention
It’s hard to believe
This is all that’s left of me
Older than the oldest guy you know

Computer on my back
Sitting here in class
All the girls are popping from their clothes

I just can’t pay attention anymore

On Western holy ground
Can’t escape the sound
of stupid hippies and their dumb guitars

not much here to do
but sit around and think of you
why does Bellingham have to be so far away

I just can’t pay attention anymore

I’m almost there
I’m all washed up
I’m almost done with everything

I just can’t pay attention anymore

what do I do now
with a brain that’s slowly burning out
I’m pretty sure that I don’t care

Eat a piece of cake
What’s it gonna take
Track Name: Pants Are Optional
Before you come over
there is something that you should know
pants are optional

When I'm around you
I'm always comfortable
pants are optional
Track Name: Fish
I am a fish and all i ever get to do is swim around
I'll be honest with you it gets kind of boring
I don't like the way the water always seems to pull me down
I get so irritated by all this fucking bullshit

fuck this
that's what I'm thinkin
sometimes I wish
that I was not a fish

my scales are golden but i know that they are wasted on myself
my life is pretty worthless any way you look at it
i get so lonely i'm the only fish who's swimming by himself
there is no lady fish who will accept my fishy kisses

you think it's so god damn hilarious when your tapping on the glass
you're a fucking asshole and i hate your fucking mother
I'm gonna take this plastic scuba man and shove him up your ass
how does that feel, i bet it feels really fucking awesome
Track Name: No Taco Left Behind
Hello, you want a taco
come and get one, come and get one
they are ready for consumption
how many will you have tonight

open up, eat a ton
you will know me when i'm done
as the greatest taco eater of all time
they pile up , they disappear
eat some more while i'm sitting here
my motto's leave no taco left behind
Track Name: The Saddest Panda Bear Alive
He's twice as sad as he is cute
don't try to cheer him up cause it's just no use
all alone every night
getting drunk off of rotten wine
he's the saddest panda bear alive

it breaks my heart whenever i see
a miserable endangered species
watch his life fall apart
he's so sad it breaks my heart
he's the saddest panda bear alive

he needs some love
come cuddle up
give him a giant panda hug

you'll never see this panda smile
his rain cloud goes on for miles
cries himself to sleep at night
his whole life is just black and white
he's the saddest panda bear alive
Track Name: Shotgun Blast
the man is bringing me down
i'm always turning to the bottle
this town must fight big alien plans
or my wife will never breathe again

my best friend lives in the jail
for never finishing a sentence
i got drunk in my neighbors truck
now i'm stuck without a friend

got get your fork
cause this old man is done for good
better drink up fast
cause this will be my last
sweet shot gun shot gun blast

my bones have seen better days
do anything just to earn a dollar
i miss the way you twirled your hair
and took my sadness away

the past can be an awful place
i'm glad i can barely remember
you broke my heart when you dropped that pass
it was my last chance for happiness

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