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by Mike Votava

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awinterhalter Great soundtrack for eating pizza and hot dogs. Or pizza dogs. Three thumbs up. Favorite track: Meat Thermometer.
Wes Weddell
Wes Weddell thumbnail
Wes Weddell The songs Mike Votava writes are very different from mine - but I like them! Favorite track: Time To Go.
nickdrozdowicz thumbnail
nickdrozdowicz Clever, well put together songs for days. If you're looking for a good time, go listen to Mike Votova. Favorite track: Driving Cane.
kerrypez77 thumbnail
kerrypez77 This ding dong sure writes fun and catchy pop songs. Favorite track: Shotgun Blast.
Mike Votava
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Mike Votava I make good songs!
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A new song every week from Mike Votava. Hot dog! I really hope you enjoy these tunes. Keep in mind that it is hard to make a new song every week. The quality may vary. Thanks for listening.

Love, MJV


released September 19, 2016

engineered / produced by Mike Votava
at MJV Studios - Seattle, WA


all rights reserved



Mike Votava Seattle, Washington

Mike Votava is an artist. He writes songs, he performs, he rocks out. People seem to like it. You will too.

Mike lives in Seattle at the House of Pain.

Don't be surprised if he calls you a ding dong. That's just how he talks.
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Track Name: I Want To Thank You
Thank you for signing up on my email list
I'll never send you spam or break my promises

I want to thank you
from the bottom of my shooby dooby dooby doo

Appreciate your time and your interest
you know you are the best

I want to thank you
from the bottom of my shooby dooby dooby doo

shooby dooby dooby dooby
shooby dooby dooby ding dong
Track Name: Driving Cane
I don't know how to drive
I'm always crashing in to everything
beams of disapointment blasting from your eyes
I don't know what you're going to do with me

Forty thousand pesos
is not a lot of pesos
can't afford that yacht
This driving cane is the only driving cane that I've got

driving cane
right in your face
i'm shaking my cane in your big stupid face

Sometimes you know exactly where you want to be
but most time you won't know what the hell is happening.
Track Name: There Was A Bear
There was a bear
a bear bear bear
of very little brain
coming up with good ideas
he'd always save the day

your head got suck in the honey jar again
pooh bear loves that honey

There was a bear
a bear bear bear
who's always singing songs
loud and clear to himself
makes them up as he goes a long

bop bop bop bop bedlee dee
hey yong yong he hong hey
doot doo dooo
shree shra shra shra ra

I'm gonna eat a sandwich
i'm gonna eat a sandwich
that's what I'm talking about
making it up as I go along
shooba dooby dooby dobby you're a ding
ding dong ding ding a dong dong
you are a ding ding a dong dong

There was a bear
a bear bear bear
his friend was super sad
his donkey friend lost his tail
it was the only one he had

Pooh bear solved that mystery
put the tail back where it's supposed to be
reattached it to that donkey's rear end
Chirstopher Robin nailed it back on

there ain't no party like a pooh party
the best kind of party is a pooh party

gonna eat some cake at the pooh party
gonna eat some cake yeah you and me
gonna eat some cake with all our furry friends
even Eor will be there
Track Name: Pizza Costume
You look super fancy in your pizza costume
All your pizza dance moves are so tight
Pizza makes an appearance every Halloween night
Come and get a piece of that hot slice

Pizza gets all of the ladies
Pizza's makin' pizza babies

Happy Halloween
Track Name: Time To Go
Oh yesterday we were so much younger
and the nights were longer without putting up a fight
watching MTV for the news
Kurt Loder
when the Snorks are over it's time to say goodnight

Going home today
pack a snack for on the way
raid the fridge for frozen pizza
time to go
I don't know the way
mobile phone will navigate
leave behind the lonely pieces
time to go

It's so hard to breath when the bases are loaded
wondering if she noticed her hand holding my heart
in the car she said she just wanted to be friends
so this is how it ends
why did I pretend
Track Name: Beyond the Grave
Tell me more about
about the Mega Colon
How int the world did it get so big
is it dangerous

A piece of John Wilkes Booth
Floating in a jar
on display at the Mudder Museum
In Pennsylvania

She's still debating how to answer the question
it's not uncommon to join your collection
when the vacation's over
sometimes it was stressful
you can relax now that you are gone

roll me to the stage
pre-recorded message
introduce the Bushwick show
from beyond the grave

Frozen in carbonite
next to the beers in the greenroom
somebody drew a mustache on my face
I bet it was probably Geoff
Track Name: Meat Thermometer
Gobble Gobble
turkey turkey
in the oven
need some lovin'

My meat thermometer is gonna take your temperature
when it's time, just say the word

come on over
take your place
I got a free turkey
I'm feedin' faces

My meat thermometer is gonna take your temperature
when it's time, just say the word

this bird will never fly again
what's left over will be frozen
Follow directions
show me what to do
cooking turkey noodle soup

super sexy
hot and juicy
be my baby
loosey goosey

My meat thermometer is gonna take your temperature
when it's time, just say the word
Track Name: Broken
Satan has spoken
Earl Thomas is broken
Evil is lurking
Earl Thomas is broken

oh please god
not twenty-nine
oh my god
no not ttwenty nine

I've been moping
Earl Thomas is Broken
Track Name: Flamethrower
An armchair armada has formed
moving across the floor
you'll have to go around
explosions have blocked the door

Army men melting away
nothing remains for sure
cameras are rolling
following Schwarzeneegger

Flame thrower

Say something awesome this time
before you kill that guy
you had no trouble coming up with that line

Bad guys are setting up shop
we're sending in Robocop
we are the best of friends
enemies we are not

Flame thrower

I'm on fire
you're on fire
every one is so on fire

Flame thrower
Track Name: Shotgun Blast
The man is bringing me down
I'm always turning to the bottle
this town must fight big alien plans
or my wife will never breathe again

My best friend lives in the jail
for never finishing a sentence
I got drunk in my neighbors truck
and now I'm stuck without a friend

go get your fork because this old man is done for good
better drink up fast because this will be my last
sweet shotgun blast

My bones have seen better days
do anything just to earn a dollar
I miss the way you twirled your hair
and took my sadness away

the past can be an awful place
I'm glad I can barely remember
you broke my heart when you dropped that pass
it was my last chance for happiness
Track Name: Boring Presentation
I cannot wait for this dumb guy to stop talking about
all this stupid crap that I don't care about
Please save your questions till the end
got one chambered up for him
what is the KPI of wasting all my goddamn time

I came for the sandwiches
Beautiful sandwiches
the sandwiches
Track Name: Pizza On Your Roof
Why'd you have to break my heart today
Not sure why you sent me on my way
the day is full of doom
deliciousness is unconsumed
I'm gonna throw this pizza on your roof

all aboard the lonesome submarine
broken hearts will fill these empty seats
You got me feeling blue
but there's still one thing that I can do
I'm gonna throw this pizza on your roof

It's probably gonna stay there for a long time
even though I'm hungry I will never take that pizza down

The words you used have left me at a loss
I'll fill the void with a super frisbee toss
Your so suddenly aloof
let's find out if your pizza proof
I'm gonna throw this pizza on your roof
Track Name: Nick Droz - Corina
CORINA lyrics

Corina sees herself in all the world
A grackle or a girl
She says hi
They raise their eyebrows up and down the street
Call the girl off beat
But she don't mind

What she really wants to know my love
Is can we find some common ground
Could we ever hold it down
It will come to shove it always does
When the push has had enough
Our only hope is love

What we really need to know my love
Is can we find some common ground
Could we ever hold it down
It will come to shove it always does
When the push has had enough
Our only hope is love

Corina Sees herself in everyone
A garden or a gun
She's been both
She laughs at what we say we won't abide
Then Casually switch sides
Of the same boat

Corina listens as we burn through precious breath
As though supply exceeds demand inspite of death
Track Name: While I'm Still Alive
While I'm Still Alive - LYRICS

This beeping machine suddenly broke in half
Low quality just wasn't built to last
I know why you returned
it's not my first rodeo
come take what you want
i'm your convenience store
all that and more

You're too old for all this climbing
on a steel horse you've been riding
there will be no more high fivin'
while I'm still alive

Wheels on the bus keep going round and round
i will pretend that I'm happy now
you carved her name on the side of me
she'll break your heart
this I can guarantee
but I can never leave
I am just a tree
and I don't have any legs

you get a car and you get a car
everyone gets a car
you get a car and you get a car
everyone is getting car
love Oprah
Track Name: Up Your Butt and Around the Corner

It's hard to come to terms with a summer that's ending
It doesn't feel so so good outside
with the sounds of oceans crashing

up your butt and around the corner
searching for the sunshine of your love
it's in the air and incomplete

up your butt and around the corner
I'd rather stay here than go
don't you know that I don't know anything

I should have eaten more pizza when I had the chance
I'm not feeling sad today
the cold air burnt my heat away
Track Name: We Wrote the Book on Connectors - Patrol Boat

i've tried my best to find my way into your heart
sometimes I doubt that it exists
I don't know what to do my battleship is sunk
my tears are always hit and miss

patrol boat where are you
patrol boat where are you

my board is keeping track of every single move
looks like there's no way I can win
check my coordinates for any sign of you
seems like your heart is off the grid

the game is almost over
you're hiding in the corner
navigate the plastic sea
your carrier can carry me

Hey baby i've been thinking
this submarine is sinking
my strategy's not helping me
I close my eyes and all I see is red and white
Track Name: Wes Weddell - Somewhere in the Middle
Somewhere in the Middle - Lyrics
By Wes Weddell

North of Juliaetta, where the road starts winding
Crest a little summit where there’s one lone pine tree
Look for the mailbox by the rusty wheel

Up at the top, there’re miles of wheat fields
Down at the bottom lies Little Bear Creek
Somewhere in the middle is a home-cooked meal
Somewhere in the middle is a home-cooked meal

Well, the first Thanksgiving that I remember
Had an old wood stove and lousy weather
That stove is still burning, the pies are still good

But I got older and the work got harder
Digging fencepost holes with my chicken arms
Tying that log chain, splitting that wood
Driving that tractor when they said I could

They say when summer finally comes it takes 24 hours
For ankle-deep mud to reach a fine dust powder
Take it all in, breath it all out

Storms in the winter might snow you in,
But you grab another log and fill the kettle to the brim
Drink it in deeply, let it settle down
Drink it in deeply, let it settle down

North of Juliaetta, where the clouds run sideways
Chase ’em all day on a two-lane highway
Wait for the sunset, it’s her show to steal

Up at the top, you can still see worry
Down at the bottom gets a little bit blurry
Somewhere in the middle is a home-cooked meal
Somewhere in the middle is a home-cooked meal
Somewhere in the middle...
Track Name: Parachute Pants

The sun is out 
shining on my face 
catching all the rays 
direct from outer space 
walking down 
you're sixty minutes late 
waiting for you now 
to meet you in Georgetown 

with parachute pants 
zipper romance 
tiny pockets to help us dance 

looking pretty good 
opposite of bad 
coffee in your hand 
kiss you on the mouth 
we start to chant 
when the tacos come 
you're getting super drunk 
and sleeping on the towels 

send me pictures of your cat 
there is nothing wrong with that 
bombs in your bath 
getting clean while I take a nap 

document with dots 
betting on the pigs 
keeping on the lights 
I'll read to you in bed 
I hit it hard 
that's what she said 
sleeping in till five 
while people eat your bread
Track Name: Bobblehead
Bobblehead LYRICS

One part is always bouncing around to the sound
above your neck sits no ordinary crown
I’m willing to be that I pity the fool is your favorite thought
split your dome with a very special type of hawk

bobblehead has been bobbling tonight

The lower half is a pedestal holding down the fort
optimized for maximum bobble support
arms crossed over fifty thousand pounds of solid gold
stand there forvever, so I’m told

business on the bottom
party on the top
Track Name: Blanket With a Hole
Boche ball by the tiki torch in the summer
sund goes down, bikini girls bring the thunder

blanket with a hole
keeps my body warm in the winter
arms are free to roam from the center
everyone's a winner
poncho will deliver

birthday song at the azteca eating tacos
clap your hands, mariachi band with sombreros

feeling so alive
it's par for the course
bought it from a guy
riding on a horse

poncho juice is flowing from the faucet
sell themselves they always turn a profit
Track Name: Tell the Toob
What's going on
have you heard the news
the third violin is super prego again
that bitch stole my shoes

and those fucking flutes
told me to keep it down
well fuck those guys always flutin' around
like they own this town

gotta tell the toob
some juicy post-apocalyptic symphony news
where thirsty mouths are running constantly
I can't wait to tell the toob
everybody here has got mad beef
they should let it go

by the time she arrives
so full of complaints
it's really hard to avoid the classic Katie rampage
but I've found a way

create a buffer zone
and hand her off to a friend
twenty minutes will pass and the ranting will end
and she'll be fun to party with again

climbing up the ranks on the list of people you hate
it's hard to keep it straight
when we conversate I don't appreciate
you dropping french bombs on my plate
Track Name: Baked Potato Blue
Why are you yelling at my potato?
what did it do to you to warrant this reaction?
I think you hurt his feelings
so you better say your sorry

don’t know what I’m gonna do
you’re making my baked potato blue

You can pass me the bacon
you can pass me the butter
if you don’t shut your stupid face
I’m gonna shut it for you
my potato needs some lovin’
and its gonna be delicious

don’t know what I’m gonna do
you’re making my baked potato blue

Breaks my heart to see my potato crying
look what you’ve done
I hope that you’re happy
now it’s time to put him down
down in my belly

don’t know what I’m gonna do
you’re making my baked potato blue
Track Name: Get Yourself a Hot Dawg
Get Yourself a Hot Dawg

Flip flop there
ding dong here
dropping quarters
ice cold beer
ladders and chairs
clap your hairs
I am getting sleepy

the boxing dude will knock you out
extra ball in your mouth
player 2
one million points
i am getting sleepy
Track Name: Nobody's Home
Nobody's Home ----- LRICS

Two hundred smiles
taking of space in unorganized piles
there's one on my face every time you stop by
talk into the banana like a telephone line
nobody's home

jump in the lake
everything's melting and covered in cake
frosting exposed slowly soaking up sun
I know I'll get burnt before it's all said and done
nobody's home

watching the summer turn to night
I think maybe you were right

throw me a bone
getting some guidance from the Walter Jones
holding some kittens in the palm of your hands
the wisest left tackle in all of the land
nobody's home
Track Name: Not That Bad

Welcome to my home
it’s feeling kind of lonely
all the doors are closed
the windows black and bony

Come down to the basement and you’ll see just what I mean
there is nothing left between us, oh baby
things are not that bad
sit down do the math

Hang out on the couch
listen to my problems
I am leaving town
take care of my belongings

This super computer can compute things super fast
but it wasn’t built to last, was it baby?
things are not that bad
sit down do the math

Plenty of food to eat
memory foam mattress for me to sleep on
close your eyes and dream about anything

Time is running out
still don’t’ know what I’m doing
look up at the clouds
they don’t seem to be moving

When I’m on vacation it’s so hard to relax
knowing you’re not coming back
things are not that bad
sit down do the math
Track Name: Mustache Bonanza
Don’t vomit on my horse
she’s the only one I’ve got
walk your ass back to camp
you can puke in your hat

don’t chop off both my legs
I will shoot you in the face
don’t you try
just say goodbye
I’d rather die than have no legs

it’s a mustache bonanza
headed for Montana
strap on your cowboy boots it’s time to ride
not afraid of danger
like Walker Texas Ranger
except everyone around me seems to die
I don’t know why

stand there with no clothes
rocks are flying at their heads
I’m impressed by her accuracy
glad those rocks were not aimed at me

so many sleepy pigs
dreaming at the Lynden fair
they hibernate 16 hours a day
there’s just no way they could walk that far
check your facts

deliver these notes to my lady friends
I loved them most
thinking of them while transitioning into a ghost
let 'em know I'll never get to poke them again
Track Name: Oh For Two
You haven’t seen the last of me
God shed his grace on thee
so easy to believe this kind of nonsense

feel the tiny miracles
dancing on your feet
thunderbolts just keep on bouncing off you

Shooting free throws on the moon
perfect form is always looking good
Shooting free throws on the moon
gravity renewed
going oh for two
freethrows on the moon

Imagine you’re a particle that hasn’t learned to float
consult the coach’s notes
hope for guidance

The world seems so much simpler
from beyond the charity stripe
I don’t know what that’s like
so I’ll stay quiet
Track Name: Locker Combo
35 17 35
is the combo to my locker
35 17 35
are the numbers that you need
now you can take my things

you can take my velcro
take my velcro wallet
you can take my notebook
you can take my ding dong buttons
you can take my phone charger
you can take my California Raisin keychain
you can take my toothbrush
then you can brush your teeth

you can take my autographed photo of Walter Jones
if you take my Vonnegut then you'll also take the bookmark that my mother gave me
you can take my deodorant
then you can smell like me
Track Name: Take A Nap
the sky is falling on your head
farts are all around
put the movie down
read a book instead

thoughts are broken and smashed to bits
listen to the cars in the backyard
playing all the hits

take a nap
you should take a nap

closed for business
but not closed for good
doing warp speed in the time machine
the goose has not been cooked

a one-way ticket to hammock town
officially immune to the afternoon
shut this party down

take a nap
you should take a nap
Track Name: At the Sizzler

the salad bar is off the charts
the steaks are culinary art
you might run into my sister
don't forget to tip her
she brings your food right out to the table

at the sizzler

charles Barkley loves to eat at the sizzler
the Hucstables have all been seen at the sizzler
Gary Busey feeds his family at the sizzler
Larry Bird is shooting threes at the sizzler
Track Name: Mike Votava and The Ding Dongs - Two Thumbs Up (rough mix)
take me down to mexico
we'll eat a pile of tacos
and I won't mind if you decide you love

if a scientist could find a way
to shrink you down with a shrink ray
I'd pick you up and put you in my pocket

I give you two thumbs up

remember the end of The Running Man
when Arnold sends Damon Killian
exploding through that billboard for Cadre Cola

What's that you say
you liked it a lot
we both agree it hit the spot
but I'm not exactly sure why it exploded

I give you two thumbs up

I'd give you more but these two thumbs are all I have to give to you right now

you're a sexy ladybug
who flies around and lands on stuff
I'll let you land on me anytime you wanna

you help me score the winning goal
now please report to the end zone
there's a sexy dance party on progress

I give you two thumb up
Track Name: We Wrote the Book on Connectors - Hope You're OK
nice to meet you, my name is mike
I work with your good friend dave
sorry to hear about your heart attack
but i hope you're ok

were you bored in the hospital?
what did you do all day?
yea I had a similar experience
but I hope you're ok

watch the ICE
watch the ICE
your doctor said don't get so excited
watch the ICE
watch the ICE
if you'll excuse me I must be on my way

that was a pretty bad spill back there
the table broke in half
i can't believe we're down by 25 points
but I hope you're ok
Track Name: Pay Attention
It’s hard to believe
This is all that’s left of me
Older than the oldest guy you know

Computer on my back
Sitting here in class
All the girls are popping from their clothes

I just can’t pay attention anymore

On Western holy ground
Can’t escape the sound
of stupid hippies and their dumb guitars

not much here to do
but sit around and think of you
why does Bellingham have to be so far away

I just can’t pay attention anymore

I’m almost there
I’m all washed up
I’m almost done with everything

I just can’t pay attention anymore

what do I do now
with a brain that’s slowly burning out
I’m pretty sure that I don’t care

Eat a piece of cake
What’s it gonna take
do just enough so i won't fail
Track Name: Dupree Podcast Song
There aren't any lyrics for this song, but if there were they would fucking awesome!
Track Name: Little Boy In A Jar (live)
Little boy in a jar
why won't you play with me
Little boy in a jar
why are you little
Track Name: Dinosaur Socks
Dinosaur socks don’t fail me now
I am depending on you
I’ve been so lonely
I need you badly

Dinosaur socks what happens now
My feet are witness to the
Magical powers

I know she’s into me Cause
now I’m much more interesting
I will refuse to buy them drinks
That old technique has been extinct
My confidence is thru the roof
But secretly I owe it to my Dinosaur socks
Track Name: Champagne In The Membrane
Drinking champagne in the lobby
drinking champagne at the party
drinking champagne
it’s my favorite drink

drinking champagne, naked bodies
drinking champagne with some hotties
drinking champagne
the bubbles help me think

Whoa o
helps me philosophize
just like I lived in ancient times

champagne makes my brain go crazy
contemplating human existence
Champagne in the membrane
champagne in the brain

Drinking champagne after hours
Drinking champagne in the shower
Drinking champagne
keeps my body fresh

Drinking champagne, brain is bubblin
Drinking champagne, keep it comin
Drinking champagne
because it is the best

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